History of Singapore

Singapore's past is marked by many stories and legends. Which of these is the real, genuine story of its origin can certainly not be proven beyond doubt. But that's probably not that important either. The nice thing about stories is that they are comprehensible and exciting. And that's why I wrote a logical one for myself out of all the stories, legends and myths. If she is right in the end doesn't matter if you like her 😉. I have selected a few videos that fit very well to this article. They conjure up pictures in your head where my lines can't do that 😊.

How we ended up in Singapore?

Good question. It certainly has to do with the fact that we already have Asia experience from China and Indonesia. But I think my husband's Danish company doesn't care about my experience. All they need is my husband's experience. Whatever. Since he is involved in the construction of offshore wind power and Taiwan has a... Continue Reading →

Where to live? (with links to residential areas)

Apartments should always be viewed. The pictures on the Internet rarely correspond to reality. This is true for cheap rooms, which do not necessarily have a window, and also for higher-priced offers, whose windows, depending on the area (government), are "iced up" from the higher floors. You can't look out then.

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