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Every nation and culture has its own special characteristics – even when it comes to food. In the course of time, I have accumulated many recipes from different countries and cultures. At some point I compiled them into a private cookbook so that they wouldn’t fall into oblivion.

Singapore’s cuisine is very versatile and varied. The influences result in an exciting mixture from the Peranakan culture and Malaysia over India and China up to the Arabic area. Even the colonial period can still be found in food. But the most famous dish is Chicken Rice. Chinese from Hainan brought it with them. But unlike in China with pork and chicken, it is prepared in Singapore only with chicken.

On this page I’ll tell you some of the dishes from Asia that we often tried and love.

And when you miss bread I have here a recipe for sourdough and bread. Or you make Bavarian pretzels with this easy recipe.




“New Dishes” I’ve also tried and “old” recipes from Europe and Germany (look over from time to time and see, what’s new):

Carrot Salad:

Peel and grate carrots and an apple, mix with lemon juice, some sugar, some water and a little olive oil. Wash and drain the baby spinach. Cut the melon and feta into cubes and place on a plate with the spinach. Sprinkle with lemon juice and olive oil. Brush the bread slices with pesto and bake briefly in the oven until crispy.

One Pot (Shakshuka)

A can of beans in tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, eggs (possibly onion and garlic). Heat the beans and tomatoes, then beat the eggs over them and add the feta. Lid on the pan and 10-15 min. with little heat – ready to eat.

Here are the longer recipes. So, please click to the side, if you’re interested:

Tasty spreads

Cottage Cream Buns filled

“Immediately soft”- Lebkuchen (gingerbread)

Quick and easy ravioli with pesto filling and other noodles

Quick carrot Muffins for breakfast

Pickle the sauerkraut yourself and then cook the sauerkraut

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