Driving licence

Laws in Singapore are strict. There is also a point System (12 pt). Only a few offences are enough and you're a pedestrian. If you still want to drive a vehicle, you must have a valid driving licence. Rules for Foreigners in Singapore:Those who do not stay longer than six months in Singapore can drive with... Continue Reading →

Where to live? (with links to residential areas)

Apartments should always be viewed. The pictures on the Internet rarely correspond to reality. This is true for cheap rooms, which do not necessarily have a window, and also for higher-priced offers, whose windows, depending on the area (government), are "iced up" from the higher floors. You can't look out then.

Oasia hotel (with photos)

The hotel is very clean and stylish. It has 27 floors and 314 rooms. You can't miss it, as it shines widely with its unusually red color. It is covered with plants all over. The employees are attentive and pleasant. There are some extras like Wi-Fi, a bar, a small restaurant also with cake on... Continue Reading →

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