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If you like, visit me on my german cancer page too: https://lifetimeextension.wordpress.com/

25d0df_bcb3aea07ad24066b4e2ad0ab262d374I started writing in 2001. In the beginning, rather clueless, because friends and relatives urged me to publish my stories from China as a book. I liked that and so I wrote a second book about my experiences from China.

To this day, short stories, guides, nonfiction and novels have been added. I like to try new things, but most of all I like to deal with historical topics. In addition, I care about the equality of people. These two points run through my novels. For my research, I read a lot, travel to other countries to get information locally, and use the Internet.

So it’s never just storytelling, but the novels tell of long-forgotten events that I embed in a novel world. I am most happy when readers write to me that they no longer know whether all of this may actually correspond to reality.

I am married, I intend to stay and I am lucky that my husband has no idea what I am involved with. Conversely, it is the same and therefore we have no choice but to support the other.

As a vintage 1967 I am more under the heading “modern nomad” to classify. That started when I was born – I was born as a Swiss in Berlin – and continues to run through my life to this day. I was never in one place for more than 4 years, often only 1-2 years. My two children are still well advised (that’s probably what every mother says). As a master of home economics, special education specialist and lecturer, I have worked and taught at various workplaces, until a few years ago I’m completely turned to writing.

I’m free, incorruptible and I write what I think and believe. You read advertising here, but I don’t get paid for it.

Image Video “Die Zifferblattmalerin” – coming soon in english!

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