Pickle the sauerkraut yourself and then cook it

Pickle sauerkraut yourself

1 white cabbage head (approx. 2-3 kg)

10 g salt per kg cabbage

1 tablespoon of sugar

To make sauerkraut sour, the cabbage must ferment. You only need cabbage, salt and a little sugar. You can use jars for fermentation. In these glasses you can leave the cabbage stored when it is ready.

Cut the cabbage in half, cut the stalk out and slice or cut fine long strips. Mix the cabbage with the salt and sugar in a bowl and knead it until the juice is properly drained. Now fill the glasses with the cabbage and stuff it really hard into them. Leave 2 cm space at the edge. Pour the sauerkraut water on top of the cabbage. Clean the edges of the glass.

Cover with cling film and close the jars tightly with the lid. Place the glasses in a plastic bowl, as the juice escapes during fermentation. Store the glasses in the kitchen at approx. 18-20 degrees. When the fermentation process starts, fine bubbles rise to the top. After about one week it stops. Then place the glasses in the cellar or refrigerator and wait another 14 – 21 days until it is ready. The glasses can be stored in this way for up to one year.

…or you buy it 😉

Cooking Bavarian sauerkraut

1 glass of raw sauerkraut

1 small onion

1 apple

Smoked pork belly or goose fat

3 bay leaves

8 pieces juniper berries

1 teaspoon caraway (not cumin!)


Sugar to taste

Some oil or lard

Vegetable broth (per 500 g raw sauerkraut approx. 200 ml broth)

1 floury potato

Sauté the finely diced onion and the apple until golden. Add the cabbage, pork belly, bay leaves, juniper berries, caraway, pepper and approx. 2 full tablespoons of sugar to the onion and apple mixture. Pour in the broth and simmer until soft – can be 1-1,5 hours. When the cabbage is ready, grate a raw potato into the cabbage and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Season with sugar to taste not to sour.

Remains of cooked sauerkraut can be frozen again twice.

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