How does “Stay at home” and working goes?

There have been so many people who have always envied that I work from home; and that they would love to do so. Free time and so on…

“Yes, exactly!” I always thought and still a few other things, but I prefer not to repeat them here 😉.

Now many of them are allowed to work from home and don’t get anything done, just complain, don’t get anything organized, and after one or two weeks, they are already close to burnout. But I don’t want to be like that, even if I am a bit gloating. I tell you what the problem is:

Lack of discipline, lack of self-motivation, and lack of self-confidence.

However, this sounds easier than it is. I’ll start with the first one because that is the most important and easiest to learn 😉. You learn discipline by writing a daily plan and working it out under all circumstances. No matter what happens! There are no exceptions, no back doors! You must be your worst imaginable boss. The plan always comes first. Do that for three months, and you have the discipline halfway in.

The next one is tricky. There is no standard for self-motivation. Find a reward that you really want. The problem here: It must be daily! Always after the plan is fulfilled. For example, you allow yourself to go to bed or take a bath or listen to loud music. Do not take shopping or eating 😉! It can also be non-telephoning or non- speaking (or the opposite :-D). PC games playing or watching television is also possible. But you can only find that out yourself. If you have extreme discipline, this point can be neglected 😊.

The most challenging thing is the thing with self-confidence. If you are dependent on getting recognition from outside, it becomes difficult. For the few others, the intrinsic ones among you: just pat yourself on the shoulder when you have finished a task and tell yourself several times a day that you are great and doing it well – then it will going well 😉. But for the extrinsic ones among you, which most of you might be, there is no danger of a total catastrophe 😉. But only one possibility to solve it: You have to find someone who will help you every day – if possible several times. They must say to you, that you are doing a great job in the face of circumstances, etc. Could be the mother, grandmother, neighbor, or the three-year-old child 😀 . But it should already be plausible 😉. After all, you don’t let yourselves be fooled 😊.

– you’re welcome 😊-

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