Sentosa – S.E.A. Aquarium and The Maritime Experiential Museum

The aquarium is only worth seeing for fish lovers. Otherwise it’s outdated and there is not really anything you won’t find elsewhere. I was here 15 years ago and could remember well…

The long texts about climate etc. would be important, but no one reads through all this with the bad lighting. So I could have saved the money. Besides it’s completely overloaded with visitors. Only the large basin with the shipwreck is (somewhat) impressive. But also the feedings here by divers are boring.

So I immediately turn to the Maritime Museum, which is really worth a visit.

Here you go the way of the early traders on the maritime Silk Road. There is much to discover and learn. Everything can be touched and explored. An interactive show lets you sink to the bottom of the sea as part of a ship’s crew – very impressive!

A pirate attack is also simulated elsewhere and you have to quickly descend the stairs to escape the fire on the ship 😉 .

Very impressive is also the huge ship replica. It is amazing what outstanding abilities people had at that time.

Du findest das Museum neben dem Aquarium.

The entrance fee for one adult is 12 SGD (9 for children) for the Maritime Museum. In a bundle with S.E.A. Aquarium you pay 45 SGD (33 for children), which I find outrageously expensive.

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