Sentosa – Madame Tussauds

I bought tickets online for the Wax Figures Cabinet. This is recommended anyway when visiting Sentosa, because the prices on site are almost twice as high. I decided to buy a bundle with the Trick Eye Museum and paid for one ticket 49,50 SGD. My expectations were therefore not low if I assumed that the local price would be twice as high…

To anticipate: It’s worth it, although of course I had something to complain about 😉 . Unfortunately the stand was closed with the Wax Hand Package (you can book it online before, then it’s also cheaper). Unfortunately it was also not possible to enjoy the VR Racing Experiences. Here was a barrier line stretched and there was no employee to be found. Also a small snack inside was closed. Well, we were in winter 😉 .

No, I’m kidding! The island was packed, because it’s not so hot in winter. Madame Tussauds was just perfect Asian style, so for (some, or some more 😉 ) German or Swiss people it’s not flawless, so to speak.

Just only perfect = flawless…

…with unnecessary, obvious bugs, which are not corrected because nobody wants to take over the responsibility for action and many only do exactly what they are told.

Let’s go with “Spirit of Singapore Boat Ride”. A nice, comfortable boat tour without any noteworthy highlights. Announced as a multi-sensory tour, this probably only impresses children.

Das Wachsfigurenkabinett ist in verschiedene Themengebiete aufgeteilt. Das ist wirklich wie gewohnt schön gemacht, auch wenn mir die Authentizität vieler Wachsfiguren gefehlt hat. Unter Lebensecht verstehe ich etwas anderes und gerade bei den nicht asiatischen Berühmtheiten, ist fehlende Ähnlichkeit auffällig. Aber ein Selfie mit Obama, Madonna, der Queen und vielen anderen mehr, macht wirklich Spaß.

But what didn’t work for me was Mao Zedong as a wax figure. What comes next? Chian Kai-shek? Hitler? Stalin? How can you so ignorantly ignore millions of Chinese dead during his communist dictatorship? Power obsession, terror, and contempt for humanity characterized him. With extreme brutality he suppressed every opposition. He is responsible for terror and mismanagement and there are no excuses or “considerations” for things that were (initially) good. He has made himself immortal in a perverse way and what seems even worse – he is obviously worshipped by many Chinese today as he was then.

Next we went to 4D Cinema. Marvel’s Super Heros have to save the world and that was more than funny and the effects are well done.

FILM STAR EXPERIENCE with indian superstars – well, that would probably be great if we knew Indian stars here. So it was just nice to walk through it.

Images of Singapore is a live event and we expected a performance or something similar. But it’s a kind of hands-on show from one tiny scene to the next. Since about 50 other people were supposed to dance from one side to the other with us in a small room like an animation program, we decided to end this right here. So I can’t tell you anything about it and you have to visit it yourself ;-).

But it’s as always my personal opinion and everyone can and may feel it as he wants and form a different opinion. Fun is guaranteed, as you can see on the pictures!

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