Botanic Garden

Singapores Botanic Garden is today a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE Site.

Sir Stamford Raffles laid out the first botanical garden in Fort Canning in 1822. The present site was chosen in 1859.

With 160 years of botanical experience, the 82 hectare garden today plays an important role as a tropical botanical institute in Singapore. In addition, the garden has developed into a popular leisure activity for Singaporeans and a tourist magnet. Besides barefoot paths and concerts, there are “wild” jungle areas and of course the wonderful orchids to be discovered in a specially designed area. The Orchid cultivation has existed since 1928. There are also 47 Heritage Trees and Sculptures in the Botanical Garden.

Workshops, exhibitions, tours are offered as well as education for children and adults. There is much more to discover, but the best thing to do is to visit the official site. Here you can also find maps for great tours.

Botanical Garden

Restorations will take care of your physical well-being. 

The Botanical Garden can be reached directly by MRT (blue line) or by car (plenty of parking spaces are available). Of course, also with bus or cab.

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