Spelt and seed bread with sourdough


300g Spelt flour

200g Wheat flour

50g Wholemeal oat flakes

50g Sunflower seeds

50g Pumpkin seeds

50g Sesame seeds

2 Spoons flax seed

2 Teaspoons salt

500g fresh sourdough (or 200 g fast sourdough and 300 ml warm Water)

Warm water


Grease a box mould or line it with baking paper.

Now you can mix the sourdough and the dry ingredients. Knead the dough for about three minutes at medium speed or only with hands . May you need some warm water too. The dough should be not to dry. More like Muffin dough – from the spoon tearing falling.

Then pour the dough into a box mould and place in the oven – no preheated. To make the crust crispy, place a bowl of water in the oven.

Heat to 200° top/bottom heat. After 15 minutes you can set the temperature down to 180° and bake the bread for another 45 minutes.

-> Check in between! The bread is ready when it sounds hollow when knocking from below.

Then let the bread cool down and enjoy.

Chia spelled bread with quick sourdough

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