How to make sourdough

Preparing sourdough it’s easy. Three ingredients! Flour, yeast and water. Then it only needs a little time and warmth (around 25 °)…

And then, already nothing stands in the way of baking bread – you can simply buy all the other ingredients you need to bake bread (at least in Singapore).

You have no time?

Then jump at the end of this article because there you find: How to make fast sourdough

A sourdough lasts 4-6 days (depending on the climate) and is fed daily with some flour and water during this time.  Then it can be multiplied over years again and again in the refrigerator. So you can always bake the tastiest and healthiest bread, no matter where you live.

There is an infinite number of instructions on the Internet and you will surely find one quickly or you take a look at them from Jamie Oliver.

Here you will also find the recipe for a simple loaf of bread. If you like it a little more grainy and rustic, then have a look at my recipe here.

You can also prepare a very fast sourdough simply with 1 cube of fresh yeast or a packet of dry yeast, 200 g rye or spelt flour, 200 ml warm water, leave at room temperature for 24 hours (only cover with a kitchen towel). The next day you can bake your bread. Simply make a recipe of your choice for 500g flour. But this sourdough is not quite as sour and a quick “stopgap”. I recommend to put 1 Spoon Vinegar to the bread dough for a better taste.

Fast sourdough
After 24 h
Chia spelled bread with quick sourdough
Chia spelled bread

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