An awsome sightseeing trip with amazing hot spots on the bus line 32

Take a break from your everyday life and make right now a lovely, awsome and amazing sightseeing trip with me on bus line 32.

I have no idea what great words I’m writing as headlines for my upcoming article for bus line 14, but for bus line 32 every word is meant honestly 🙂 .

Start/End stations:

  • Buona Vista Ter – Bedok Bus Int
  • Bedok Bus Int – Buona Vista Ter

The route is approx. 23 km long and has around 60 stops each. Not all of them are worth getting off the bus 😉. But sometimes it makes sense to walk two or three bus stopps to admire the interesting buildings in between or to find hidden alleys, shops and treasures. Here I list the ones I think might be of interest to you.

I’ve listed the whole thing only from one direction – coming from Buona Vista. Of course it also works the other way around or if you get in between. Depending on that there is “opp” at the stops, which means opposite. If the stops are located at large MRT stations, there is always something to drink and eat somewhere (7/11). Large stations also have shops and food courts. 

Klick on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here you will find a list of all stations.

Good Apps:

Moovit and Bus Captain

And now, let’s go…

Buona Vista:

Here you get to the MRT (green Line – Tuas Link to/from Pasir Ris, circle Line – Harbour Front/Marina Bay), The Star Vista Mall, Metropolis Business Tower, Holland Village…

Also find in this area: high technology business parks made up of biomedical science, infocomm technology and media industries.


MRT green Line – Tuas Link to/from Pasir Ris,


The whole area is quite large and reaches as far as Buona Vista. It borders Bukit Timah (north), Tanglin (northeast), Bukit Merah (east and southeast) and Clementi (northwest and west).

Queenstown Map – you’re on the Commonwealth Ave right now…

Crescent Girl’ Sch:

Here starts the visible part of the Singapore River (Alexandra Channel/Alexandra Rd). You can take a walk if you like. I’ll wait till you’re back 😉…


Here you are already in the district Bukit Merah. The MRT station with the green line – Tuas link to/from Pasir Ris is here and this is the last above-ground station. And if you are hungry now, then here is a good place. The Redhill Food Centre is a “cheap and good” Hawker. For more Information take a look here.

The green square is Redhill.

Tiong Bahru Park:

If you want to visit the Tiong Bahru Quarter with the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery and the Tiong Bahru Market or the MRT Station Tiong Bahru, stay seated 😉. Unless you like longer walks in the heat. You haven’t forgotten to get off, the 32 doesn’t drive directly into the Tiong Bahru area. To get there, you can of course change the bus from here and take the 16, 33 or 63. Then it’s one stop to the MRT and three to the Bakery and Market.

By the way… I like the Tiong Bahru Plaza (same location like MRT Tiong Bahru) and the Noodle Soup in here.

For infos about the fresh noodle soup take a look here
Tiong Bahru – On the left side you see the park and on the other side there is the bakery and the market. You see also Beo Crescent and Bukit Merah market – both are Hawker Center too.

But this article deals with the bus line 32 and so I have to say goodbye to all those who have change the bus line 😉.

The bus has been driving on the Tiong Bahru Road for a while now and the area is relatively large. Now it will turn left into Lower Delta Road.

If the heat doesn’t bother you to much, it’s a good idea to walk from Tiong Bahru Park for one bus stop. There are huge old trees along the way. Don’t forget to turn left into Lower Delta Rd 😊. The next stop is Opp Blk 48. You can walk a few meters beyond the stop and admire the trees. The trees end at the next intersection. Then you better go back to the bus stop, because the next stage is longer.

Valley Point

This is where I life 😊. That also explains why I just took the Bus 32 for the first article. But there are also other lines passing by 😉. Well, it‘s rather a residential area.

Here you are very close to the Singapore River again and you could follow it a little to the Hawker Zion Riverside – which is one of the smallest and among the 10 best. If you’re lucky, you’ll see fish, turtles and otters in the river. And maybe on your plate soon 😉.

If you’re already here, it’s worth visiting the Great World City (Shopping Mall on Kim Seng Promenade) just over the street. From 2020/2021 the new MRT line (Thomson East-Coast Line /Bedok-Woodlands) will also be here.

Or you simply walk along the river to Robertson Quay (after Kim Seng Promenade) and then you are almost at Clarke Quay (approx. 20-30 minutes) – especially in the dark this way is super beautiful because of the lighting and also highly recommended for joggers. A very historical route.

But back to our bus line 32…

If you like architecture, I recommend jump out three stops after Valley Point (St. Thomas Walk). There are very interesting skyscrapers. You can walk as far as Kim Yam Road during you make photos (about 750 m / one Bus stop). Because here is already the next spot.

Kim Yam Rd:

The bus stop Kim Yam Rd is on the River Valley Rd and means the crossroad before that. The old houses here are definitely worth a stop. Don’t walk in the direction Parksuites!

If you walk in along Kim Yam Road, you’ll find some more of these houses and a great renovated buddhist temple worth a detour.
Then to the next stop Mohd Sultan Road you should rather sit again a little bit in the cooled bus.

Mohd Sultan Road:

This is the next stop after Kim Yam Rd. Here you just walk down the street and you can see in front of you over the next intersection the Fort Canning Park (and MRT). But first you can take a few steps left to the Sri Thendayuthapani Temple.

Or you can first photograph the small townhouses in front of the bus stop. Here it‘s worth to walk back a bit to admire the beautiful Chinese building on the street.

But before or after 😉, walk the Mohamed Sultan Rd into to the Hong San See Temple. In this street there are also beautiful houses to see and parking lots for car sharing with electric cars but I didn’t see any…

After, walk back and continue with the “Bus Tour” or just walk to the Fort Canning Bus stop.

For adventurers: From the Temple you can also continue and you arrive Fraser Place after a few steps. This is on Robertson Quay. The area is known for its Mediterranean atmosphere and restaurants.

Fort Canning Exit B:

Here you have an MRT station again, namely the blue line (Downtown, Bukit Panjang to Expo). Otherwise you take the escalator to the park. By the way, this park is very worth seeing. Long Historie! Clarke Quay is only a short stop away and can also be reached via the park.

The problem here in the inner city is that nothing is really far apart, but the climate drives the sweat out of your pores after a few meters 😉. So be careful – I always have a cloth, a fan, an umbrella with me and of course a bottle of water.

Clarke Quay:

Famous party mile – especially after dark 😉. But also during the day the houses at the Quay are beautiful photo motives.

Straight ahead you will arrive at the Parliament Building, the Courthouse and the National Gallery.

Next, either walk or take the bus to the Ministry of Communication and Information, which is housed in an old building with colourful shutters. A little further on, if you are on foot, you will meet the fire brigade, whose building is really impressive. There is also a fire brigade museum. The Museum is in between Clarke Quay stop and Armenien Church stop, but closer to Armenien Church (the next bus stop).  

Armenien Church/Grand Park City HaLl:

MRT City Hall and Raffles City Shopping Center is a 5 minute walk from here.

You can also get off here if you want to see the church or walk back a bit to visit the fire brigade.

Behind the church is the famous Armenienstreet with the Peranakan Museum, which is well worth a visit. You will then come to a crossroad – to your left is the School of Law and the road is called “Fort Canning Link” and leads through a small tunnel. If you go through here, you will end up in the immediate vicinity of the National Museum. Bus 32 does not go there directly. You can also take the downtown line to Bencoolen to come here.

Hotel Grand Pazifik (Grand Pk City Hall):

This stop is on Viktoria Street, which is connected to Hill Street. If you want to see the Cathedral of the good Shephard, you have to take a few steps back. You have to cross Bras Basah Road. On the left it leads into Raffles Blvd and if you turn right you will quickly come to the MRT Circle Line Bras Basah opposite the Singapore Art Museum.

A bit further you cross Bencoolen Street, which leads directly to the National Museum. If you walk the Bras Basah further you land directly on Orchard Road, but that’s a good stretch 😉.

In front of the Library is a taxi rank, if you have enough from driving with the bus

If you want to go to the National Library, you better get off here. In front of the Library is a taxi rank, if you have enough from driving with the bus 😉. In this aera is also not far away the MRT green line and red line at City Hall.

The next bus stop is Bugis and it’s a long way away.

Bugis Stn Exit A:

Bugis is located almost between the Arab Quarter with the Malay Heritage Center and the Masjid Sultan and Little India and its Heritage Center. I just mean, if you’re already here… 😉

First of all there is the entrance to the downtown MRT (blue line) across the street with which you are in one stop in Rochor and can buy super electronics in Sim Lim Square. One stop further is already Little India with the Mustafa Center, a mall which is open 24/7. The MRT green line also runs from Bugis.

Not to be missed when you get off the bus: the Raffles Hospital. Probably the best place to go if you have problems with your health in Singapore. Local doctors are usually not experienced enough and give you a lot and not always sensible medications and antibiotics. In addition there is the language problem. Let’s hope that you don’t need to stay there and take a closer look at Bugis.

Here you’ll find huge shopping malls and market halls (Albert Centre Market and Food) that carry almost everything. The special here, in the small shops you can still trade and get good prices. You will also find nightclubs and restaurants in the area. You’ll find local and international brands here.

Kallang Station:

There’s nothing special here except that you’re near the stadium. Closer and with less walking you can take the bus line 14 or the MRT Circle Line.

Here is also the old Kallang airport, which was closed in 1955.


The Singapore Association for the Deaf. Simply because you may meet people in the city. They often travel to food centres and put small hand-sewn trailers on the tables – be nice to them and buy at least one! It doesn’t hurt you much and you give them joy and help them.

This is also where you get off if you want to go to the Decathlon to buy sports equipment. However, you have to take a few steps. Closer you go with the line 14/Mountbatten or the MRT Circle Line/Mountbatten.


On the old Airport Road is an MRT station (Circle Line/Dakota). And this is also where the Geylang quarter begins. Here you are directly at the Geylang River, if you haven’t gotten out yet and now want to stretch your legs 😉.

Geylang is notorious as a red light district. Especially in the areas along the Geylang Road. But that’s blocks away from you right now.

Here in the district is also one of the oldest Malay settlements (Geylang Serai). At the Malay Market you can buy clothes and food. It‘s situated in extension to Geylang Rd, opposite the Joo Chiat Complex and the Joo Chiat Road. From Dakota bus station running is like “suicide” in the heat. You could do best with the Circle Line to Payar Lebar and then a walk or take a taxi.

Also the famous Peranakan houses of the Joo Chiat Road are not up here, but down the road, shortly before the Kun Seng Road. The best way to get there is by bus line 33.

Tg Katong Girls‘ Sch:

Here you quickly get out to eat the famous Pongol Nasi Lemak.

Bef Katong PO:

Now you’re pretty close to East Coast Park. Running from here – you can do it, but you don’t have to go to 😉. You suspect it already, I tried it out. Since there are few “hikers” on the road in this weather, the route is badly signposted. But in principle only straight ahead 😉…

Basically the Bus 401 drives along the East-Coast…

Katong is famous for its historic houses and the Peranakan culture/restaurants. But that’s not really up on the route here. Just sit down and enjoy the view 😉.

Katong Shopping Ctr:

Yeah. Here I got out to see what there is…

Actually this is a market for employees, who are apparently trained and mediated in the rudimentary things of the household. All in all a not really nice place. The mood in here hit me hard on the stomach.

I walked a little along the street to Roxy Square (one bus stop) and found some nice houses in and around the Marshall Rd and the Ceylon Rd.

But don’t be fooled. The roads are often very long and the distances accordingly. So again nothing with Joo Chiat.

Your location right now is further down to the left – sorry 😉

From Roxy Square you could also take bus number 14 which goes to Decathlon, Stadium, Suntec City, Orchard and so on.

Near Bus Stop

Aft Dunbar Wk:

These are four stops from Roxy Square and there are nice family cottages with gardens around. But you can see it from the comfort of the bus. So stick your feet out and enjoy 😉.

Chai Chi INd Pk:

After further seven stops you’re fresh and fit to shop at Decathlon Store right at the bus stop. But not much more around. This is a residential area. And then (two stopps more) you’ve already arrived at the end of line 32:

Bedok Station Exit A 😊

If you liked it, I would be happy if you leave me a little comment for my work. If you discover something exciting on your tours that should be recorded here, please write me.

Now the only question is how to get back to town 😉… May you take the Bus 32 or the MRT green Line 😊.

At least you like to know:

„For the street suffixes in the street names, Singapore largely follows the British naming convention, which means streets and roads refer to any thoroughfares between two places, ways for major roads, and avenues, lanes, drives, vales, rises and groves are residential roads. For paved public walkways, they can be named a promenade, esplanade, parade or simply walk if they are along the coast, seafront or river.“ (WordPress)  

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