Pork blood and stinky tofu

In Taipei there is very tasty food. Usual food you know from China. Steamed or fried dumplings, for example. Also Japanese influences are strongly represented here and everywhere there is Sushi and Ramen. Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s and is available at every corner. Fish and other seafood are on the menu as well as beef noodles. The cuisine is really very varied. Every mall also has a food court and you can eat for little money.

Duck blood with noodles is a cheap food here, but not for me.

I also don’t give a damn about blood tofu. In Asia I eat very rarely pig anyway – somehow it tastes completely different here than in Germany. Somehow “dirty”, as it smells in our pigsty. But tofu pickled in pig’s blood?

Or how about blood cake on a spit? That’s rice cake soaked in blood and rolled and fried in peanut powder and coriander.

But all this is nothing against another speciality here in Taipei:

Stinky Tofu

In this video you learn how it‘s made and at the same time explains to me why I make a big bow around it. Which is not easy in Taipei. It smells terrible at several corners in the city and once you have the smell in your nose, it stays for a while. Back in Singapore, I just said I would smell stinking tofu 😉.

Germans should not expect too much from European food in Taipei. It is nevertheless very alienated 😉 – also in the high price segment.

A stay here should definitely be combined with a visit to one of the night markets. The most well-known and probably also largest is the Shilin night market. To this you come with the MRT Jiantan Station. It opens from 17 o’clock.

Because of the hygiene you have to close your eyes and eat hot and spicy, then nothing happens 😉.

I was on the Ningxia Night Market – Ningxia Road in the Datong District. Every Taxi Driver knows it. It is small and rather visited by locals. The pictures are also from here:

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