Déjà vu or Taiwans Falun Gong Dilemma

After my visit of the 101 Tower in Taipei I was confronted with the topic of persecution because of religious affiliation – Falun Gong or Falun Dafa. A harmless moralizing and spiritual belief with parts from Buddhism and Taoism mixed with Qigong exercises.

I already had this topic in Beijing in 2001 and they are still a harmless group of people. Persecuted and hardly any of the “influential” people take notice of it or do anything about it. So nothing has changed except that China has been a global player for a long time now and is recognized and yet does not have to follow the rules. Oh, wait… that’s not right. That’s common practice in some countries today. Well then it will be probably all right that also the Muslims are persecuted in China (irony!).

Nevertheless, may I be allowed to wonder how a state like China can still think so backwardly and be afraid of harmless believers? Their Confucian-Buddhist-Taoist-incense-sticks-sacrificial-offerings-rituals are not questioned either. Ok, that concerns now also several million Chinese and with such a number of believers one probably does be careful.

And why do I tell that in the Taiwan Blog? Because every year more than 3 million Chinese visit Taiwan and also the ancestors of the Taiwanese are Chinese – and some Japanese and because Taiwan allows Falun Gong and allegedly also freedom of speech expression… And because I think that some things here are not “real”. Why else should the Taiwanese not ally themselves with their compatriots (those with Falun Gong)? Or have they allied themselves with their compatriots (Chinese from China)? Or they have no idea? Questions about questions…

That with Taiwan and the freedom of speech and/or religion… The reason for this is certainly not the “love” for the equality of people but the fact that most people worldwide still believe that Taiwan belongs to China and Taiwan also wants to distinguish itself clearly with it. Since Taiwan has however the size of the Netherlands, this does not interest really someone outside and/or is practically not noticed. I can’t say if Taiwan is right because it’s economically dependent on China and not only because of the tourists or also because of military inferiority. Which I can confirm: Taiwan looks like Beijing almost 20 years ago. I really had to come down because of the shock see myself catapulted into the past. I’ll write an extra articel to that. For this one it was important for me to make clear my attitude towards religious communities:

They are not responsible if governments don’t do their job properly or people cling to power. They don’t threaten countries like China – that’s bullshit!

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