Arab Quarter in the historic district of Kampong Glam

Take the Bus 32 or MRT to Bugis/Victoria Street and then pass Raffels Hospitel and turn right into Ophir Rd, then take the next left into North Bridge Rd and the next right is Arab. Street. All in all only a few minutes walk.  

The landmark of this quarter shines from afar: The golden Sultan Mosque.

It‘s around 200 years old and can accommodate up to 5,000 people. Non-Muslims are also welcome here. Inside the mosque you get an insight into the Muslim community of Singapore, which consists of different ethnic groups.

But not only the mosque enchants with its colours. Indie boutiques, restored shophouses and street art at many corners are impressive photo spots. The textile shops, carpet shops, leather shops, basket shops and restaurants will surely fascinate you as well. You’ll feel like you’re in an Arabian country, with a few merchants wrapping their words around you and offering you Arabian tea. The Arab Street is not to be taken literally. The whole area is often called that. Also Baghdad Street, Bussorah Street, the Haji and Bali Lanes (Trendy) and Muscat Street belong to it. The district of Kampong Glam is also rich in history.

The Malay Heritage Centre is also located in this area. I can really recommend it! It shows the Malay/Muslim history of Singapore. The museum is housed in a former sultan’s palace and here you can buy beautiful fans which are very useful for the warmth. It is also pleasantly chilled. You are only allowed to walk barefoot.  

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