Asian DIY Hardware store experience and how we find the red light district

I don’t know if it’s my husband’s German culture, but no matter where and how long we’ve been somewhere, there always has to be something repair or optimized. Even in a service apartment…
But where can you find a DIY Hardware store in Singapore and is this also called a DIY store here?

Goggle shows me Home-Fix and Selffix DIY or also various shops for building materials. But also furniture stores like IKEA. “What?”

After a while I find a shop that should have practically everything – above all to buy cables per meter and matching plugs. That say at least the evaluations.

The Problem:
The shop is located in the middle of the Orchard quarter. The worst thing you can do on weekends is to go to Orchard. Especially at Lucky Plaza it’s super crowded, because all employees spend their day off here. But there are also a lot of other tourists on the way and it seems to be much fuller than usual.

But if there is an emergency – as my husband explained, we probably have to get through. Of course it’s possible that a cable that is much too short is a tripping hazard 😉…

So by bus Nr. 14 to Lucky Plaza and then through the crowd to Orchard Tower. The “Wunderladen” is supposed to be in here.

Every Weekend…

But first there were only massage shops to be seen – foot massage. There were also exchange offices and a tailor, but very dark everything and almost no people there. To be exact, there were only two other visitors besides us.

My instinct told me that this was not the corner I wanted to be in, but my husband found nothing special at the massage parlours and was friendly and politely to the ladies.
The fact that most of the ladies wore eye-catching make-up, wore a blouse cutout up to the navel, high heels (this would probably be a bit of an idiosyncratic workwear) and a shop with sex toys right next door would probably give you a hint. Not him…

Not all ladies looked like that, but that didn’t make it any better. Geylang, by the way, is another red light district in Singapore.

Fortunately a woman just came from shopping and asked in passing what we were looking for. Of course she knew the DIY store in the back tower and showed us friendly the way.

2. Tower right here

The hardware store really has everything you need. The shop is about the size of two construction toilets, but keeps up with the offer of a German DIY store 😉

As a reward a sandwich ice cream in rainbow toast from a street vendor for 1.20 SGD. 😊

If you find another well-stocked hardware store, please let me know. 😉

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