Cockroach and mosquito races

Don’t look away! Then the problem becomes really bad.

Why this disgusting contribution? Because I think that on the one hand it serves the health to know dangers and on the other hand, because less and less people know what to do to protect themselves. Or how you can get rid of them.

By the way, cockroach races are reality and have been handed down since the 16th century. You can also buy cockroaches in the pharmacy as Chinese medicine. There are quite a few Asians who bake cockroaches in oil and eat them themselves. Cockroaches are not yet officially approved as food in China 😉.

The fact that we have it here with a problem to do, shows alone the fact that an infestation in the commercial range (e.g. in Germany and Austria) is obligatory to announce. They live hidden, predominantly night-active and they avoid light. You should not rely on it and it is not reassuring either. Cockroaches are rather socially organized and live in large groups. If you see one, there are hundreds more you don’t see. Since they move all the time and are also quite fast, you may have some in your apartment but have not seen them yet. Let’s hope it’s not like that 😉. Oh and did you know that they can jump up to 10 cm? They love it warm, so at 25 – 30 degrees and a humidity around 80 %.

“The cockroaches are omnivores who consume any organic material (such as textiles, leather and paper), preferably moist and soft materials, as well as rotting food. They also transmit pathogenic germs and parasites, such as salmonella, worms (threadworms), gastrointestinal influenza, dysentery, polio, hepatitis, yellow fever, typhoid fever, leprosy, anthrax, tuberculosis, cholera, and probably SARS.
Faeces and saliva can trigger allergies, eczema and asthma. A study conducted in the USA in 2005 by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) found that cockroach allergens can cause asthma symptoms to a greater extent than other known triggers.
A cockroach infestation is usually extensive, because the animals live largely in hiding and are only discovered late. It affects at least a whole building. ” (

Professional pest controllers are a must to get rid of this annoying plague. Sure you can try to fight it yourself, but you’ll probably have little success. The poisons must be used in a targeted and intelligent way so that the eggs and larvae, which are usually well hidden, can also be reached. The next generation hatches every 4-6 weeks. But it takes several weeks to destroy an infestation. For example, wall cracks must be closed with mortar and all other possible holes, crevices and cracks must be found. Trampling cockroaches with your foot is a very stupid idea, because if you catch a female you will distribute the 15-40 eggs everywhere. No! joke, that’s a widespread assumption, but there’s not really any evidence for it. But the idea alone is enough for me not to do it 😉.

But you can do a lot that you don’t get cockroaches into your apartment, or they don’t feel comfortable and will look for other areas to stay in.

  • Hygiene is probably the most important factor. What cockroaches don’t like when they don’t find anything to eat and few hiding places for eggs, larvae and themselves. So first of all cleaning up and clearing out everything thoroughly is an important start.
  • Do not leave kitchen waste open, but throw it into well lockable buckets and empty them daily.
  • Food, whether raw, cooked, dried or frozen – don’t leave it open! This also applies to fruit and biscuits. Everything must be put in the refrigerator, tightly sealable cans, jars or well sealed bags.
  • Clean kitchen cupboards regularly. Also make sure that you clean well underneath and on top. Even the door hinges like to collect crumbs.
  • No kitchen sponges! Apart from the fact that these are extreme bacterial catapults, there are also usually small remains that the cockroach is happy about.
  • Change dishtowels and dishcloths daily or every two days.
  • No food outside the dining area/kitchen. So do not allow children to take sweets with them to their room.
  • Don’t forget that this also applies to terraces and balconies. When eating outside, clean up well and sweep or wipe with a damp cloth if necessary.
  • Don’t throw leftovers of food in the toilet.
  • Let hot water run through the drains once a day.

And now the mosquitoes…

Tiger mosquito

After the cockroach issue, they’re half as bad. However, the effects of the diseases can be really bad. So now the most important things and how you can protect yourself well.

Mosquitoes suck blood, but only the females, because the trunk of the males is to small 😉. Mosquitoes also like nectar and orchids.

Hm, did you just ask yourself if a few orchids, like your Asian neighbour has, wouldn’t do your home any good? When the mosquitoes are full, they sit somewhere 😊. However, if they have just been fertilized, they need the proteins from your blood to form eggs.

Yellow fever mosquitoes can smell the lactic acid in your sweat and find you like this. So better not sweat or take a shower before you leave the house in the evening 😉. Other mosquitoes orient themselves on fatty acids and ammonia, which we release through the Skin. Or they find you on exhaled carbon dioxide.

The most common diseases transmitted by mosquitoes:

  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue fever
  • Zika virus
  • Malaria

Not every mosquito transmits all these diseases. They have specialised 😉. The tiger mosquito, for example, transmits dengue fever. But if you see one, it is usually too late anyway.

No time available to take a closer look at it through a magnifying glass. Of course you can hit your arm or leg, then it’s dead, but you’ve certainly been pricked. This already results in an important behavior, especially at dusk:  Put on long trousers and a top with long sleeves. This is only useful if the clothing is loose.

Further possibilities to keep the mosquitoes away are:

  • Eat a lot of garlic 😉 – that’s what you breathe out or through the skin and that makes it harder for the mosquitoes to locate you
  • Do not use deodorant, perfume
  • Let’s not use fabric softener
  • Attach mosquito net to bed (in particularly endangered areas)
  • Light off before windows or balcony doors are opened
  • Do not leave water in buckets or bowls (not even in flower bowls)
  • Refrigerated homes offer some protection because mosquitoes do not like to fly from warm to cold
  • Fly screens on windows
  • Some clove oil on the skin is supposed to help as well
  • I personally have had very good experiences with tea tree oil – also helps against social contacts 😉

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