“Pirates! To the cannons!” – A trip to Labrador Park

The entire nature reserve was formerly known as Pasir Panjang Beach. The history of the park is very exciting and interesting. Admiral Sir Henry Keppel fought here successfully 1842 against the pirates, which attacked merchant ships again and again. Here’s a link if you want to know more about it. 

The park is also a nature reserve with more than 70 bird species and more than 11 different butterfly species. Some of the plants that grow in flower pots in western countries are so large here that you can seek shelter in a rain shower.

Take the Circle Line to Labrador Park and then walk along Labrador Villa Rd to Port Rd. The route is very interesting and original. Of course you can also take a taxi or drive your own car. Or you can walk from Keppel Reflection (not far from Vivo City). This is also a popular jogging route.

You can then walk on the Port Rd to “The Three Peacocks”. This is a Korean BBQ Restaurant. Then you follow the path to Dragon’s Teeth Gate, Machine gun post and Berlayar Beacon. After these photo spots you either walk along the promenade to Labrador Jetty, a pier.

Or turn into the forest at Carpark C and enjoy the small nature reserve. There is a nice path through the “jungle” with great bird sounds. We could also observe an incredible number of squirrels. Everywhere you can also see the remains of the fortifications from the Second World War. And in between there are beautiful views of the water. Up here you also meet the Villa Samadhi (hotel), which is located in the middle of the reserve. Also up here, the Tamarind Hill Restaurant. It is a rather higher priced Thai and Burmese restaurant. It is also booked for events because of its flair. 

Hear the sound of the jungle…

Unfortunately there is no way from the top down to the promenade and you should go back the same way. If not, you’ll land back at the beginning of Port Rd and feel like in “Groundhog Day”. I’m not going to tell you how I know that 😉.

Again at the promenade you can walk back and forth and watch the activities in the container port. We were on a Sunday and in contrast to other parks, there is practically nothing going on here, although there are also fixed grill stations to book. Maybe it’s because there are no food stands and only one restaurant. So, rather bring drinks and snacks with you 😊. By the way, there is a toilet here that is “open” with fans, but surprisingly clean.

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