Don’t miss amazing, incredible, stunning houses

Big City, Mega Big City, Mega Mega Big City…

There you certainly think of huge impersonal apartment blocks and you wouldn’t be alone. That was also my first thought. In many cities this is true and also for Singapore, I can’t say that they build low here. But…

The architecture here is so exciting and varied that I really enjoy walking around and photographing the most different buildings. So much that last week I suffered a heat stroke because I forgot how long I had been out in the blazing sun. Because one thing is for sure, only on foot you will find many of these fantastic houses.

I read and hear often that there are hardly any houses left in the former colonial style. I don’t know in which city such people walked around, it wasn’t Singapore ;-).

I am not talking about the well-known buildings here, although they are of course very impressive. The cityscape is so fantastic due to the small and large, modern and old, colourful and glass buildings and at the same time it is easy to overlook this uniqueness. 

I will always add galleries here when I have photographed new areas with houses.

In dieser Galerie findest Du einen Mix quer durch die Stadt.

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