Nasi Goreng (Indonesian) and Chaofan (China)

For 4 persons for 5,41 SGD
The basic recipe is one of the cheapest and most balanced foods I know.

150-200 g Chicken Breast small diced (1,62 SGD)
1 onion (0,26 SGD), 2 large carrots (0,89 SGD), 1 cucumber (250 g/0,90 SGD), 2 cloves of garlic (0,06 SGD), approx. 20 g ginger (0,085 SGD), chili (approx. 0,008 SGD) = in small cubes
Salt, ¼ cup soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sugar = approx. 0.20 SGD together
600 g white cooked rice (0,67 SGD)
4 scrambled eggs chopped (0,72 SGD)

Fry all ingredients in a pan. Then mix soy sauce with sugar and a little salt. Mix after with the rice in the pan. Finally, add the chopped scrambled eggs.

You can prepare the variants with shrimps, fish, broccoli, peppers, Chinese cabbage and other vegetables, fried egg, minced meat and meat leftovers etc. You can also use fresh herbs like coriander or add nuts. It works also with wholemeal rice.

Don’t miss the cheap curry chicken.

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