Curry chicken

Curry chicken with rice for 10,80 SGD/4 persons

In Singapore you can eat expensive food, but you can also cook cheap. Besides Nasi Goreng (fried rice) I have another great idea here. Nearly that cheap.

As a recipe here a red curry, but you can also buy green or yellow curry and prepare according to taste, with different vegetables and/or fruit. Also delicious is the combination of pineapple and Thai asparagus with green curry. Another alternative is to use fish instead of chicken. Or how about tofu? As with fried rice, there are a lot of variation possibilities so that you don’t get bored or monotonous.

Ingredients (FairPrice Finest):
750 g Vietnam sweet potato (2,60) or other sweet potatoes e.g. Japanese / potatoes
500 g Pasar Hong Kong Papaya (1,015 SGD)
300 g Chicken Breast (3,25 SGD)
200 ml coconut cream (0,65 SGD)
1 packet curry (2,00 SGD)
500 g Rice Fairprice Tailand Rice Blend 2,5 kg (1,27 SGD)


Fry the diced chicken in the pan. Add the curry mixture and 400 ml water. If you don’t like it that spicy, use only half the curry pack (possibly thicken with starch). Now the coconut cream and the cooked and diced sweet potatoes and papaya. Season with salt and possibly broth powder.

In addition rice from the rice cooker.

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