Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay (Walk)

Since the foundation of Singapore in 1819, the Singapore River has been a trading centre. During colonial times, Boat Quay (in Front of CBD) became the trading centre. This is where the vessels arrived to bring their goods upstream to the warehouses at Clarke Quay. But also dozens of passenger ships crowded around an anchorage at the Quay. Clarke Quay was named after Singapore’s second governor Sir Andrew Clarke (1873).

Today, the newly developed Clarke Quay attracts around 2 million visitors (annually). The area consists of five blocks. They are restored warehouses housing various restaurants and nightclubs. Junks (Tongkangs) as restaurants or pubs are another highlight, as well as the approx. 4 degrees cooler outside temperature, which is achieved by a sophisticated shading and cooling system.

To order no alcohol here, is already met sometimes with the question whether you had already drunk enough yesterday 😊.

Besides the special atmosphere there is a lot of live music – sometimes more, sometimes less talented, but always ambitious. Anyone who appreciates peace and quiet or is out with children should come here before 8 pm. Not least because of the conspicuously dressed Asian girls 😉.

The MRT station Clarke Quay is nearby and you can easily get to and from it with many buses.

If you follow the river – away from Marina Bay, you will reach Robertson Quay with Robertson Walk in the back. This corner is quieter, Mediterranean and has excellent Restaurants and Bars.


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