Gardens by the bay

Directly behind the Marina Sands Hotel you reach Gardens by the Bay. Opening 2012 and 101 hectares large.

The large park is also suitable for jogging and is well used in the evening. It’s known for its up to 50 m high Super Trees. In the evening they light up in bright colours and twice they make a light and sound show.
You can walk through the park for free. You will find over 40 sculptures from all over the world. After sunset the park is the most beautiful, but also the most popular.


There is a shuttle service that takes you for 3 SGD from the Dragonfly Bridge (near MRT Bayfront) to the Flower Dome. The route is nice to take your first photos. Also suitable for wheelchair users and people with walking disabilities.

Throughout the year there are many different events here.

Another special feature is the Skywalk, which runs high up between the Super Trees.

But the park has much more to offer:

Not everything you can visit for free. For the Skywalk you have to buy a ticket and also for Flower Dome and Cloud Forest.

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