A rain shower

The weather in Singapore is easy to explain. It is very warm and humid all year round.

Well, I can describe it a bit more detailed 😉.

It’s tropical-warm and the temperatures are around 30 ° during the day. At night the temperatures are around 25 °. And even if it sounds strange, but in the evening I need a thin jacket. That is then too cold for me 😊.

The air humidity is continuously about 85 %. Except in the months from October to February. There it is a little less. It has very often short rain showers. Especially in the afternoons and in the early evening. Then the humidity can rise to 100 %. Frequently in the monsoon months between November and January.

But there are also days without rain. I still leave the house with my umbrella and sun cream 😉. Rain-free or with less rain, it remains on approx. 210 days/approx. 60% in the year. The high air humidity remains however. Europeans find this difficult to bear. I find it very pleasant. Also for the skin and hair the high air humidity is like free Wellness.

It is most pleasant without direct sunlight, because then it’s much hotter without shade. Otherwise it can be endured very well. The prerequisite is that you move slowly and drink a lot. Approx. 3 litres are recommended. A light diet with several small meals is also recommended. Then you don’t sweat too much. The local cuisine is suitable, because the locals know what they are doing 😉. Only with very hot dishes do you start to sweat. But they are good against germs and bacteria.

For relatives, who come to visit, the time between March and September is suitable. Then it will rain less or not at all.

But even so, a rain shower does not bother me. Getting a little wet can be very pleasant in the heat. The locals see it differently and they build partly roofing between public transport and residential complexes.
There are a lot of possibilities to cool down. Hardly any shop, restaurant, museum or mall without “arctic” temperatures 😉. So always take something with you to put on.

The water temperatures are always about 25 °, which is 5 ° too cold for me 😉. But if the pool is in the sun, you can swim a few lanes. For Baltic Sea and North Sea lovers might these temperatures like a tub bath. Due to the heat here, there is no really cold water from the water pipe – no matter how long you let it run. You have to put a pot in the fridge.

The air quality in Singapore is similar to Western European cities. Except when the wind comes from Indonesia. Then it brings the smoke of slash-and-burn. If you are interested in the current values and the values in certain parts of the city, then take a look here

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