Hygiene and tap water

“Singapore is wiped and polished once a day.”

And that is to be taken quite literally. It is not only the drastic penalties and tight controls that have made Singapore one of the cleanest cities in the world. If not THE cleanest.

The local people also have a strong interest in keeping it that way. For me it is reassuring, because it means that I have less to worry about diseases that can be caused by bacteria.

The public toilets are in an exemplary condition. If you forget to flush the toilets, you will be fined 150 SGD.

Whoever does his “small business” in an elevator – no idea how to get such an idea – will not be able to leave the elevator until the arrival of the Police. Thanks to “Urine Detection Device”.

It’s not allowed to spit on the street (cost: 200 SGD).

Even before you arrive in Singapore, you’ll probably hear about the legendary Hawker Centers. There are about 107 of them in the city. They replace the former street food not least for hygiene reasons. Hawker Centers are available in different price ranges. Simple, without air conditioning up to noble for the tourists in the Marina Sand Hotel. There are differences in the price, which can vary from 2-3 SGD up to 25 SGD. You can’t tell from the quality. On the contrary. The simpler Hawker Centers offer more authentic food, which personally tastes better to me than the “pimped up” one.

There is also the National Environment Agency (NEA). They check the issue licenses and hygiene regulations about every two weeks. This applies to everyone who deals with food. So not only the Hawker Centers. Even hygiene courses must be completed by everyone. Depending on cleanliness etc., the NEA rates the categories A for at least 85 % points, B, C and D for at least 45 % points. If it is worse, it will be closed immediately.

Drinking water
In contrast to other countries, the tap water in Singapore can be drunk without any problems. If you feel unwell in the first few days, it’s because of the chlorine. You can use purchased water for the first few days until you are used to it. Drinking water can be bought at every corner.
I drink it without any problems if it doesn’t taste too much of chlorine. Otherwise I fall back on what I bought.

In any case, you don’t have to be afraid of ice cubes, washed fruit and vegetables. The water in Singapore meets the standards of the World Health Organization (WHO).

To maintain this standard, there are strict regulations. You can read here more.

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