Tourist Attractions

Whether you stay 3 days or 3 years in Singapore doesn’t matter. Except for your feet and eyes maybe. The city attracts at really every corner with exciting, interesting, lively and colorful sights. But the most important, world-famous attractions can also be seen on a few days. As in any country, the longer you are here, the deeper you can immerse yourself.

Often I hear or read that Singapore is not the real Asia. What do the people who say such a thing imagine? To equate Asia with poor people who live a life full of privation? That Asia only looks like the past, with Hutongs and people with straw hats and perhaps still long pigtails? As if the real Europe consisted of buildings from hundreds of years ago and all the people wear traditional costumes. Well, in Bavaria some places like this 😉, but you can also find this contrast in Singapore.

The food in Singapore is so varied, authentic or not, like Asia itself and parts of the city has its own special shops.

Singapore is unique and represents a society with traditions and modernity. But it’s also an immigrant people with roots to Java and Sumatra (7th century) and later to Malaysia. The colonial times were first shaped by the Portuguese (1511), then the Dutch (1641) and finally by Great Britain (18th century). In the second world war the Japanese conquered the island. 1945 the British came again, but this did not work very well. Then it went back and forth for a while until Singapore became independent in 1965.
Another tip:
Don’t miss the discovery of the many beaches – because of the city you might forget that Singapore is an island 😉 – you will find many of them on Sentosa, for example the Siloso Beach. But here it’s often hectic and not cheap.

But also close to the city you are quickly on the beach:

“East Coast Park is one of Singapore’s most treasured urban getaways, offering an invigorating and exciting diversity of sporting, dining and recreational activities. With the theme “Recreation for All”, the park has an activity for everyone.” (

– In Changi Beach Park, one of the oldest parks in Singapore, you can also cycle and grill. The park is about 3 km long and reaches from Changi Point to the Changi Ferry Terminal.

– At Punggol Beach, near the Punggol MRT Station, you can walk along a picturesque landscape. The unique location of the boulders in the smooth sand makes this beach an artistic place to forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

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