Bus and Taxi

In addition to the well developed metro network, you can also take a bus or taxi in Singapore. This has the advantage that you get a city tour right away.

By taxi you can also get to places that do not have an MRT or bus stop nearby. The more than 25,000 taxis in Singapore are operated by various companies. But you don’t have to worry. There are stops at shopping centres, hotels and other big locations. But you can also wave to a taxi with your hand when the sign on the roof is green.
The taxis have a taximeter. Additional costs apply at night (50%) and during rush hour (35%). Basically you pay 3 – 3,5 SGD and every 400 driven meters 0,20 SGD.

To the airport from the city centre, you have to calculate with 20-25 SGD. Within the city a trip usually costs 8 – 10 SGD.

There are five apps to comfortably call a taxi. This is convenient because you don’t have to remember a phone number.

A trip with the Metro costs approx. 0.80 SGD, maximum 1.80 SGD. The bus rides are even lower.

Buses run from approx. 5.30 am to 24.00 pm and are air-conditioned. There are four different bus companies, but it doesn’t matter which one you use. The main thing is that the right number is on the bus.

It’s simply: get on and pay the driver. Small money is appropriate here. There is no change. It is planned that from 2020 it will only work electronically. You can also use your EZ-Link card here. Then you just hold it to the scanner. Don’t forget that you have to do this when you leave the bus, just like with the metro.

Are you interested in a trip by bus? Then click here 🙂 .

On some routes there are also night buses running until 2.00 a.m.

You can view the entire bus network online at busrouter.sg. Here you can see exactly where the bus stops are. You like to check only the bus routes? Take a look here.


The long numbers describe the bus stop, not the bus line.


Haltestellen vergrößert

You can search for your place of residence, see the nearest bus stop and how to get to the nearest MRT as quickly as possible.

Bus zur nächsten MRT

You can enter your trip online, for example, if you know the address of your departure and destination and receive the corresponding routes:


Or you can download an app like Bus Captain or Moovit. The journeys with the bus usually take a lot longer than if you take the MRT. But it is cooler there. So the distances are not always as far as they seem.

For example, the distance from Clarke Quay and Fort Canning Park to Orchard to the shopping centers is only about 1.7 km.

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