Smoking and drinking

Alcohol is very expensive in Singapore. A bottle of wine will easily cost you 20 SGD in a supermarket and imported beer approx. 10 SGD. Here you can find a cost-of-living index.

Anyone who is caught driving a car under the influence of alcohol must expect to go to jail.

In Little India, alcohol has been banned in public areas on weekends and holidays since 2013. Even the shops are not allowed to sell alcohol.

Important and thank’s to Shannon from Consumersadvocate for the hint:

Most insurance companies do not accept liability if alcohol is involved.

This means:
Better do not go out and drink 😉 .

You hear horror stories when it comes to smoking. But everything is half as bad.

Smoking is forbidden in all means of transport, official buildings, restaurants and bars. For crowds of more than five people and in the immediate vicinity of house entrances and walls. You are also not allowed to smoke at bus stops. That’s it. And that’s perfectly okay and a sign of respect for non-smokers.


Cigarettes may not be thrown on the floor, but you should not do that in other countries either. In Singapore this is punishable and costs you up to 500 SGD. Everywhere in the city there are rubbish bins. Many of them have an attachment for cigarette butts. Here you can smoke. But also some bars and the better hotels have smoking areas. Even in the Universial Studio on Sentosa there are smoking areas.

If you want to buy cigarettes, it will cost you about 10 SGD per pack. The import of cigarettes and e-cigarettes is not allowed. But you are allowed to bring your open box with you.

Contrary to some reports, smoking is also allowed at the airport. In front of the building in the designated smoking zone (which is on the left and right at the end of the building) and inside in designated smoking rooms. You will also find one of them after the security check.


A pocket ashtray makes sense, as ashing onto the street is also not permitted.

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