Chicken Rice

Fresh chicken (organic)
Salt, pepper
1 Chili
Spring onions

Some salt

Serve with chilli and/or ginger-garlic sauce.

Rub the fresh chicken neatly with salt. Then fill with coarsely chopped ginger and spring onions. Bring to the boil in cold water with a little chilli. If necessary, skim off the foam. If you have, add a whole tomato. This makes the broth clearer. Turn the stove down to the lowest setting. After 45 minutes it is ready.


Prepare a bowl with cold water and some ice cubes. Put the chicken in here to cool down quickly. This keeps it super juicy.
Of course you don’t pour the broth away. We still need them to cook with the rice.

From the rest broth you can cook a super food soup. Just add vegetables, later chicken pieces and cooked noodles.

In a pot with some oil, steam the garlic and the ginger. Then add the rice and sauté briefly. Add two to three cups of broth and simmer slowly. Or you can use the rice cooker 😉.

The dish served with chilli and/or ginger-garlic sauce in small bowls.

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