“Immediately soft”- Lebkuchen (gingerbread)

In the Middle Ages, gingerbread was only available in pharmacies and monasteries. Honey was the only sweet available and with medicinal herb juices baked, the gingerbread was considered a speciality, which one did not eat frequently. The typical spices came a little later, when e.g. cinnamon and pimento came over from the Orient.

Tasty spreads

Today you get three recipes for fabulous spreads and one for marinated Feta cheese. You need a little more money for 200g cream cheese (Philadelphia) and 200g feta, but at the end you get a large amount that will be enough for three to four days for dinner. Add some freshly baked bread, cucumber and tomatoes - delicious!

Bavarian pretzels and/or rolls

Pretzels can easily be made by yourself with this recipe: Ingredients: 500g flour, 1 packet dry yeast, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon salt, 1/4 litre warm water 3-4 litres of water and 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda When you have, coarse salt to sprinkle on the pretzels Mix 100g flour with yeast, sugar, add 100... Continue Reading →

Spelt and seed bread with sourdough

Ingredients: 300g Spelt flour 200g Wheat flour 50g Wholemeal oat flakes 50g Sunflower seeds 50g Pumpkin seeds 50g Sesame seeds 2 Spoons flax seed 2 Teaspoons salt 500g fresh sourdough (or 200 g fast sourdough and 300 ml warm Water) Warm water Preparation: Grease a box mould or line it with baking paper. Now you... Continue Reading →

How to make sourdough

You can also prepare a very fast sourdough simply with 1 cube of fresh yeast or a packet of dry yeast, 200 g rye flour, 200 ml warm water, leave at room temperature for 24 hours (only cover with a kitchen towel).

History of Singapore

Singapore's past is marked by many stories and legends. Which of these is the real, genuine story of its origin can certainly not be proven beyond doubt. But that's probably not that important either. The nice thing about stories is that they are comprehensible and exciting. And that's why I wrote a logical one for myself out of all the stories, legends and myths. If she is right in the end doesn't matter if you like her 😉. I have selected a few videos that fit very well to this article. They conjure up pictures in your head where my lines can't do that 😊.

Longshan Temple and Herbs Medicine Lane

There are Taoist temples in Taipei, which are mostly magnificent and colorful, and Confucian temples, which are rather simple, colorless and with clear forms. The Longshan Temple is the oldest Taoist temple here. It has its own MRT stop and cannot be missed. You will be guided "elegantly" through a (souvenir) market 😉. Here you... Continue Reading →

Ximen Shopping

Here you can find hip and crazy things at every corner. You'll find shops they look like Japanese shops and manga comics. Besides the toilet restaurant you can also find penis cake. The Penis Cakes is with peanut butter and coated with chocolate 😉.

Pork blood and stinky tofu

In Taipei there is very tasty food. Usual food you know from China. Steamed or fried dumplings, for example. Also Japanese influences are strongly represented here and everywhere there is Sushi and Ramen. Bubble tea was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s and is available at every corner. Fish and other seafood are on the... Continue Reading →

Tower 101 or One-Oh-One

The tower 101 was designed according to a very strong symbolism, which ironically is absolutely Chinese. But what do I know 😉 The outer facade looks like a bamboo, of course Yin and Yang and Feng Shui were included. The lucky number 8 can be found in the number of floor segments and Ruyi, the well-known lucky symbol of the Chinese is attached outside.

Taiwan, Taipei and things around…

If you drop by from Singapore, you'll probably be shocked. So it was definitely me. It looks like twenty years back at first - I remember my time in Beijing well. Almost everything in Chinese characters, which I don't know, but luckily I can speak some Chinese today...

Fresh Eggs in Singapore – only a myth?

If you're looking for fresh eggs in Singapore (in any shop), you'll probably read the best advertising slogans on the packaging first. There's nothing here that doesn't exist - at least that's what it seems. Eggs with Omega 3 and eggs with Omega 6 (really now?), eggs with Vitamin D, low cholesterol, with Selenium, Pasteurized, Carrot Eggs, Corn and Soya Eggs or First Born Eggs…

Earthquakes and Typhoons

Three days in Taipei and extreme heat, heavy rain and an earthquake... 08.08.2019: The quake struck at 5.28am at a depth of 10km in northeastern Yilan county. The Magnitude was 5.9. In Taipei around 4 Magnitude. I was in deep sleep and by the time I was really awake it was all over. The only... Continue Reading →

Déjà vu or Taiwans Falun Gong Dilemma

After my visit of the 101 Tower in Taipei I was confronted with the topic of persecution because of religious affiliation - Falun Gong or Falun Dafa. A harmless moralizing and spiritual belief with parts from Buddhism and Taoism mixed with Qigong exercises.

Little India

The days of shepherds and brickmakers are long gone. You'll think it's the past while you walk through this historic neighborhood.

Cockroach and mosquito races

Don't look away! Then the problem becomes really bad. Why this disgusting contribution? Because I think that on the one hand it serves the health to know dangers and on the other hand, because less and less people know what to do to protect themselves. Or how you can get rid of them.

Curry chicken

In Singapore you can eat expensive food, but you can also cook cheap. Besides Nasi Goreng (fried rice) I have another great idea here. Nearly that cheap.

Clarke Quay and Robertson Quay (Walk)

Since the foundation of Singapore in 1819, the Singapore River has been a trading centre. During colonial times, Boat Quay (in Front of CBD) became the trading centre. This is where the vessels arrived to bring their goods upstream to the warehouses at Clarke Quay. But also dozens of passenger ships crowded around an anchorage... Continue Reading →

Fort Canning Park

The mountain is 48 meters high and escalators were built so that visitors can get from the street "up" into the park. That sounds so crazy to us who came from the Alps.

Armenian Street and Peranakan museum

If you take bus 14 to NTUC Income Ctr/Bras Basah Rd, go down Victoria Street, past the Cathedral of the good Shepherd and turn right into Stamford Rd until you turn left into Armenische Straße. Here are many photo Motives.

Driving licence

Laws in Singapore are strict. There is also a point System (12 pt). Only a few offences are enough and you're a pedestrian. If you still want to drive a vehicle, you must have a valid driving licence. Rules for Foreigners in Singapore:Those who do not stay longer than six months in Singapore can drive with... Continue Reading →

Gardens by the bay

Directly behind the Marina Sands Hotel you reach Gardens by the Bay. Opening 2012 and 101 hectares large.
The large park is also suitable for jogging and is well used in the evening. It's known for its up to 50 m high Super Trees.


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